Roland Jeannier

My name is Roland and I am a data scientist; or at least I am trying to be. Most of my professional experience comes from working as a Java developer in the full stack and consulting flavors, but my real love has always been data analysis. I learned to code as an undergrad while getting my physics degree at the University of Maryland. Back then I worked with languages like ROOT and Matlab to do most of my visualizations, and spent an ungodly amount of time working with Excel. A lot has changed since then and I intend to catch-up.

Now I specialize in Python, with a lot of experience working with data science libraries like Pandas, sklearn, statslib, numpy, matplotlib, seaborn, and bokeh. I enjoy making visualizations and finding creative approaches to model complex data sets. I’ve recently completed a 3 month data science boot camp, where I did everything from basic linear regressions to building grid searched neural networks. You can see more about my work over on my Medium or github.